Course DetailsLiteracy at Peak

  • icon  Confidence building | Self Awareness
  • icon  Become Creator, Not Consumer
  • icon  Improve Thinking Ability | Creative Mindset
  • icon  75% performance Improvement in STEM
  • icon  Transformed Abstract Thinking
  • icon  Think out of Box | Think about Future
  • icon  Team Building | Innovations
  • icon  Cross-Functional Multiple Team Coordination
“We are on a mission of creating 1000+ Unicorn Startups Co-founders in India by reskilling current generation with hands-on experience”
-Sanket Shah, CEO & Co-founder, MasterCXO

Key highlights of ProgramLearn From Top notch professionals

  • icon  10+ case Studies

  • icon  5+ Assignments

  • icon  10+ Live Sessions from Industry Experts

  • icon  Start-up Assistance

  • icon  Global’s most advanced CEO Program

  • icon  Designed to widen your visions

  • icon  Practical Hands-on Workshops

  • icon  One-On-One Session with Industry Mentor

  • icon  Be Next Bill Gates | Next Mark Zukerberg

  • icon  Access to Business Magazines

SyllabusCurriculum Prepared by Fortune 500 companies Analysis

Experience and explore to most researched, concise and to the point curriculum which is perfect fit to fulfill your needs. You will be explained with frameworks, case studies, charts in the form of audio visual content for easy understanding of topics.

Case StudiesEnables holistic review of a particular company in a domain

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Certificate ProgramBe an Certified Jr. CEO

  •   Industry Mentors
    • icon  Unparalleled guidance from mentors

    • icon  Idea validation by experts

    • icon  360 degree start-up support

    • icon  Harvard Business Review case studies

  •   Student support
    • icon  100+ case studies available

    • icon  50+ research reports available

    • icon  100+ videos on mentorship

    • icon  "Mentor Connect" option

  •   Masters of MasterCXO
    • icon  Informative and Career Building workshops

    • icon  Group activities with your peers and alumni

    • icon  Problem Solving Techniques

    • icon  Storytelling Techniques

  •   Expert Feedback
    • icon  Personalised feedback on projects

    • icon  Live doubt clearing sessions

    • icon  Project Evaluation by Experts

    • icon  Limitless avenues for research

  •   Industry Network
    • icon  Live sessions for next-gen technology

    • icon  Interact with people of your domain

    • icon  Create frameworks for your own business

    • icon  Analyse different business

  •   Plug and Play resources
    • icon  1000+ Interview questions

    • icon  100+ Inspiring Novels

    • icon  100+ Business Magazines

    • icon  50+ Success and failure autobiography

  •   Be Skilled, Be future ready
    • icon  Take the test-drive for future career path

    • icon  Experience 2050 in 2021

    • icon  Plan and execute future

    • icon  Unleash your true potential

  •   Network is Net Worth
    • icon  Connect with like minded peers

    • icon  Peer to peer learning for self enhancement

    • icon  Present your pitch to investors

    • icon  Be an well-funded startup


Hours of Content


Case Studies & Projects


Live Sessions


1:1 Group Coaching by Top Notch Professionals


Session by Global Experts


PDF Materials to Enhance Career

Capstone ProjectsLearn to build real-life industry projects under guidance of masterCXO

Product Development

Developing products is the most crucial part of business like what features should be in MVP.

Idea Validation

Once you have a startup idea, you need to check if that is really a problem which people are facing.

Prototype Designing

Designing of product gives you complete idea in detail how will a product look and does layout need any changes.

Product Analysis

Once product launched, you need to have a strong analysis about feedback,CAC,Etc for each unit of product.

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